Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"It is raining cats and dogs," announces the commentator before the start of the shadow match of Netherlands-Argentina.
Symbolic, since neither Serbia nor Ivory Coast can make sunshine with qualifying to round two.
Another wooden spoon match. But even though their are no prices, both the Ivory Coast and Serbia want to go home, winner of this match. Serbia and Montenegro are looking for their pride, after the six nil loss against Argentina. The Ivory Coast wants to leave a statement. They only conceited one goal against Argentina, and even scored against the Dutch. Today they will want a win.
Serbia starts blazing. A striker beats the offside position, and calmly taps the ball past the keeper of the Ivory Coast.


"In the end it is so simple," says the commentator about the first Serbian goal of the tournament. “Serbia and Montenegro saved the best for last.”
Still the Ivory Coast attacks, unleashing shots at the goal.
Serbia breaks fast for the counter. Suddenly the ball is on the other side of the field, where a Serbian striker lines up a shot from fifteen meters.


“All of a sudden, the Ivories defense looks very shaky,” says the commentator, while the fans in the stadium are hollering. "The Ivory Coast has been two goals down before, here in Germany. Can they repeat the trick?"

In the thirty forth minute, the nerves of a Serbian player overload. He stretches his arms to reach the ball in his own penalty area. A player of Mexico did the same thing, earlier today, only he used one hand. This Serbian player is more blatant, stretching both of his hands.
The story twists again when the penalty is taken and the ball disappears in the far right corner. The referee wants the penalty taken over, somebody moved too early into the box.
Regardless the tremendous pressure the striker of the Ivory Coast now bears on him, he retakes the penalty. He chooses the same corner, as does the keeper. Since the Serbian keeper chose the wrong corner the first time, he does so again.


"It is ground hog day," says the American commentator, he is referring to a movie.
In the forty second minute Nadj, from Serbia Montenegro receives his second yellow card, thus red.
"The Ivory coast will have something to play for in the second half," says the commentator.
Indeed, the Ivory Coast comes out of the second half swinging punches.
A hard strike beats everybody including the keeper, who dives to the wrong corner. His legs block the shot, bad luck for the Ivory Coast. They continue to fire, still the shots are either off target or off a Serbian defender.
In the sixty-first minute, a shot from twenty meters rebounds of the crossbar.
"A laser beam shot, how unlucky can you get," says the commentator.
The Ivory Coast finally breaks the defense when a striker can head a cross into the far corner.


"A wide open header."
In the eighty-six minute, Kalou enters the story again. I refer to the match report of the Netherlands-Ivory coast, if you want to be acquainted with him and his brother.
Anyway, Kalou scores a late penalty.


"What a day for football," says the commentator while the Africans start the carnival on the stands.
Neither Serbia and Montenegro nor the Ivory Coast will play in the second round, but still he is right.
What a day for football.